Hohde-retreading plans and delivers durable cleaning and protection solutions for tile, glass, stone and concrete surfaces for households and businesses in Soutwest Finland and Helsinki metropolitan area. We supply all orders as a turnkey Service with an experience exceeding 10,000 square meters of coated surfaces. After Hohde-retreading, solvents or other strong chemical detergents and excessive rubbing are no longer required to clean the Surface. Surfaces remain clean, fresh and hygienic, while using only water for cleaning. Hohde-retreading is an environmentally friendly solution that saves time and effort on cleaning.

Remarkable relief on cleaning

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Areas that are treated with Hohde-retreading are easier to clean because dirt, lime and other impurities will no longer attach to surfaces. Cleaning will be then considerably easier.

Durable protection against moisture and contamination

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Treatment will give a decade-long protection of surfaces against contamination and weathering indoors as well as outdoors. You will get 5-year warranty on Hohde-retreading.

An alternative for renewing tiles and seams

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Hohde-retreading gives a clean and fresh look even for older bathrooms, kitchens and stoneware. This will postpone the need for renovation to the future.

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Saves time, money and environment
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Tilings on dry rooms
DUrable protection against soiling and weathering
  • Natural stones
  • Courtyard pavings
  • Concretes
Best solutions for specific demands
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal

Innovative and safe nanotechnology

By applying nanocoatings in treatment of surfaces, functionality of the existing surface materials can be customized as desired; for example existing surfaces can be turned into water repellent and antibacterial but still breathable, without having to renovate the whole premise or to touch the building structure.

Hohde-retreading invariably uses products that meet the ISO standards and that are from audited manufactorers. These products together with turnkey Service, guarantees a high quality and risk-free result as defined by the Scientific Committee (SCENIHR) set by European Commission.

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