Pleasant and easy-care facilities with nano-coating

We are currently developing a “Cleanliness as a Service” -concept with the support of Business Finland, where we want to provide companies an easy and cost-effective solution to clean their premises with one easy contract.

Business premises are often heavily occupied, so there are many challenges what it comes to cleaning. We want to provide the best solutions to the challenges of cleaning. With nano-coating, the Company protects its premises in a durable and cost-effective way. Nano-coating reduces the time and cost of cleaning.

What our solutions offer to companies:

  • Better cleanliness
  • Savings in cleaning and maintenance costs
  • More efficient cleaning
  • Supporting the skills of cleaning staff
  • Extends the life of surfaces

Applications of nano-coating for companies include: Company saunas, gyms, sports halls and other sanitary and tiled facilities.

Our Service is an investment with many long-term benefits. The benefits of cleanliness are immediate, economic savings of about 12 months and return on investment within 2-3 years.

We are currently looking for business pilots as a part of our concept. Contact us if you are interested and want a solution to the most challenging cleaning challenges.