Nano retreatments and maintenance for tiled premises, regardless of age

We can solve common challenges of cleaning and maintenance of tiled premises. Hohde-tile helps to keep tiles and seams shiny, clean and fresh. Hohde-retreading makes tiles and tile seams repellent of water, dirt, lime, bacteria and other germs. Thanks to the retreatment, the microbes are no longer able to get breeding ground on surfaces. Retreated surface dries much faster and at the same time reduces the moisture burden. Before nano retreatment we will perform thorough cleaning and priming both mechanically and chemically. We also provide maintenance work for premises for example tile replacement, silicone joint replacement and tile reinstallations. Nanocoating for bathrooms is our most popular service.

Hohde-tile treatment also includes

  • Wall tiles and seams
  • Floor tiles and seams
  • Kitchen sinks, countertops and walls
  • Toilet seats
  • Water tap handles
  • Mirrors, glass doors and glass walls
  • Shower cubicles
  • Sinks

Innovative and safe nanotechnology

With nano retreatment functionality of the already excisting surface materials can be modified as desired; making them for example water repellent and antibacterial but still breathable.

Hohde-retreading invariably uses products that meet the ISO standards from audited manufacturers. These products together with turnkey service, guarantees a high quality and risk-free result as defined by the Scientific Committee (SCENIHR) set by European Commission.

Features of Hohde-tile:



You don’t need hard brushes, hard mechanical rubbing or strong chemicals on cleaning retreated surfaces.



Even though retreated surface will repel water, oil and grease, it will remain its breathability.



Thanks to its antibacterial features, surface will remain fresh.


Environmentally friendly

You will no longer need environmentally harmful chemicals to clean retreated surfaces. The retreatment also provides significantly longer service life, which in turn contributes to the reduction of demolition waste.

Challenges on cleaning tiles

Likaa ja hometta keräävät laatat

Tiles and especially tile seams collects dirt, lime, mold and rust.

Pinttynyt lika laatassa on haastavaa puhdistaa

The cleaning of tiles and tile seams is difficult. Cleanliness and freshness requires repetitive cleaning.

Kokoelma siivoustarvikkeita

Cleaning of stains and grime on the tiles requires hard rubbing and strong detergents.

Solutions that Hohde-tile provides

Lika ja mikrobit irtovat laatoista

Nanocoating prevents lime and grease from permeating to the tiles thus preventing contamination.

Laattojen siivoaminen vie vain vähän aikaa

Nanocoated tiles rejects stains, allowing impurities to be cleaned quickly and easily.

Pesuainetta ei tarvita

Cleaning of nanocoated tiles does not require rubbing or use of chemicals. This is a significant step towards saving the environment.

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This is how we perform the Hohde-tile retreatment

kohteen kartoitus
  1. We will finalize the service plan to meet customer’s special needs and circumstances. We will perform surface moisture measurements and map the necessary work steps.
Laattasaumojen uusiminen

2. We will renew broken tiles and tile seams if needed

Laattojen silikonisaumoja uusitaan

3. We will also renew silicone seals if needed

Kivipinnan puhdistus

4. We will thoroughly clean the surfaces that will be retreated

Laatoitukselle suoritetaan nanopinnoitusta

5. We will supply the nanocoating for tiles. Customer will be granted a 5-year guarantee on the coating.

Reviews from customers

Hohdepinnoituksen saama positiivinen arvostelu Facebookissa

“Erittäin ystävällinen, ammattitaitoinen ja joustava henkilökunta.Heidän kanssaan oli rentoa ja mutkatonta asioida heti alkukartoituksesta lähtien. Kylpyhuone näyttää kuin uudelta ja puhtaanapito on aiempaa huomattavasti helpompaa”

“Olen tyytyväinen tehtyyn pinnoitukseen. Kaikki aikataulut piti hyvin paikkansa, asiakaspalvelu oli oikein miellyttävää. Joten kiitos kaikille”

“Kylppäri hohtaa kuin uutena! Ei enää ikinä saumojen hinkuttamista, ollaan oikein tyytyväisiä. Iloisia ja reippaita työntekijöitä. Suosittelen!”