Nanocoating that protects all stone surfaces indoors and outdoors

Hohde-stone protects surfaces against wear, smudging and weathering indoors and outdoors. In Hohde-stone retreatment, the coating becomes a part of the surface material. As a result, the tension of the surface becomes so low that no liquids, greases or oils can permeate the surface. Natural stone is widely used in today’s construction. Natural stones are usually very valuable materials and should always be protected. Natural stones are often very porous materials and they easily absorb grease and oil. Cleaning of grease and oil stains from stone material is sometimes even impossible and may leave spots on the stone. Hohde-stone provides durable protection against greases and oils for up to a decade. Treated surfaces are much easier to clean and will stay stainless much longer.

Hohde-stone includes:

  • Natural stones
  • Concrete tiles
  • Courtyard stones
  • Granites
  • Slates
  • Marbles


Innovative and safe nanotechnology

With nanotechnology retreatment functionality of the already existing materials can be customized as desired; for example water repellent and antibacterial but Still breathable.

Hohde-retreatment invariably uses products that meet the ISO standards from audited manufacturers. These products together with turnkey service, guarantees a high quality and risk-free result as defined by the Scientific Committee (SCENIHR) set by European Commission.

Features of HOHDE-STONE:



The coating withstands heavy mechanical wear and abrasion. No hard mechanical rubbing is required to clean the retreated surface.


Repellent of dirt

Treated surfaces are repellent of water, oils and most common alcohols. This helps significally in keeping the surfaces stainless.


Corrosion resistance

Coating will protect from corrosion and prevents weathering.



Retreatment will give surface a protection against UV-radiation.

Challenges on cleaning stones

likainen kivipinta

Stone tiles and their seams accumulate dirt over time and are difficult to clean.

kivetyksen kuluminen

Stone continues to wear due to usage and weather conditions.

lumi ja sade rapauttavat kiveä

Humidity and seasonal variation outdoors degrade stones and allow them to grow moss.

Solutions that Hohde-stone provides

helposti puhtaana pysyvä kivetys

Coated stones repel dirt so they are easy to clean. The retreatment also facilitates snow and ice removal.

Kiven pinta on suojattu kulumalta

The coating gives stones a strong protection against wear and thus helps to keep them good as new for a long time.

olosuhteilta suojattu kivetys

Hohde-stone prevents the growth of moss and provides a long-lasting protection against rising moisture and hydrostatic pressure.

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How we perform the Hohde-stone retreatment

Hohdepinnoituksen edustaja tapaamassa asiakasta

1. We will finalize the service meeting customer’s variable needs and schedule the necessary phases.

Hohteen työntekijä korjaa pihakivetyksen kaatoa

2. If necessary, we repair the fallouts of the yard to prevent rainwater from puddling up.

Hohteen työntekijät peittämässä seinää suojakankaalla

3. We will take the necessary protective measures to prevent the stonework from affecting the rest of the environment.

Pihakivetys puhdistetaan perusteellisesti ennen pinnoitusta

4. We thoroughly clean the stoning and poison the moss.

Hohde-pinnoitettu valmis kivetys

5. Finally we apply the coating retreatment and re-sealing.