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We ensure that our services are up-to-date by continuously monitoring nanotechnology-related research and testing out various coating solutions ourselves. We always want to find the most sustainable, safe and economical solutions for the customer’s special needs. We also want to develop our solutions in partnership with our customers. Protection for wood surfaces against weathering and smudging During 2019, we have been looking for the best solutions to protect a variety of Wood surfaces from weathering, smudging, mechanical wear and even graffiti. We want to explore how nanotechnology can significantly and cost-effectively extend the life cycle of wood materials. We have been looking for solutions by increasing the number of applications or diversifying the applications. The result of our experiments and laboratory studies have proved to be better than the current solutions, which is why we are entering the pilot phase of wood material coating solutions. Our goal is to provide our customers the easiest and most ecological solutions on the market to ensure the comfort and extend the life of parquet floors, outdoor terraces, cottage piers, saunas and other wooden surfaces. We continue to carry out research and developement.

Innovative and safe nanotechnology

With nanotechnology retreatment functionality of the already existing surface materials can be customized as desired; for example, water repellent and antibacterial but still breathable. Hohde-retreatment invariably uses products that meet the ISO standards from audited manufacturers. These products together with turnkey service, guarantees a high quality and risk-free result as defined by the Scientific Committee (SCENIHR) set by European Commission.

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